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A New Calendar: Goodbye Grid, Hello Charts

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Prices don’t stand alone. Vacation rental managers need context around these recommendations.

Some common questions were:

We built Calendar Charts to solve these problems. Now it’s easy to compare your property to your competition and see how a specific date fits into the larger trend.

In addition to the visual upgrades, we’ve increased the speed and reliability of our application.

Hello Bar Charts


It’s important to see the big picture. By using bar charts, we’re able to show you 45 days at a time. You can easily identify periods of high and low demand.

We’ve created 5 different views:

To change a view, click on the dropdown at the top left of the Chart.

Better Context For Each Night


Once you’ve identified which nights need to be reviewed, you’ll want more detailed information. When you click on a specific night, you see our price recommendation, what your competition is doing, and how your advertised price compares to our recommendation.

The new upgrades are live now, so just login to your account or sign up here to schedule a live demo with one of your properties.

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