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Launched: Adjusting The Radius Of Your Comps & VRBO Link Support

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Our team has been hard at work on making it easier for our customers to build and maintain the perfect comp set.

The latest upgrades allow you to send us VRBO listings and to adjust the radius from which we'll select Comps. Here's an overview of how these two new awesome features work:

Adjusting The Radius Of Your Comps


On the Comps page, you will see the radius we use to look for rentals that you compete with. To adjust the radius, just click on the green pencil and you'll be prompted to change the radius.

Click the checkmark icon, and we'll automatically adjust your Comps in a matter of seconds!

VRBO Link Support

All Smart Host needs to build a comp set and pricing calendar is the link for any rental you have listed on HomeAway or Airbnb. We're excited to share that we now support VRBO links.

There are two places where this is relevant within Smart Host:

Adjusting the radius for your Comps and VRBO link support is live now, so sign up for a demo with one of your rentals or log in to your Smart Host account to build the perfect comp set!

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