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Techstars Austin!

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Since mid-April Smart Host has been on a covert mission: swap in one life for another. We've left jobs, worked overtime to finish projects, and planned out a summer in Austin.


Now we've arrived and we're about to start Day 2 of Techstars.

Techstars is a mentorship program for startups: 3 months of building our business, working with experienced entrepreneurs and investors, and pushing ourselves to the limit.

Here’s a list of companies joining us in Austin for the program:

The trip here has been unreal. We traveled from New York to Texas on StartupBus, built a prototype in 72 hours, and successfully pitched to hundreds of folks. Then we got into Techstars. Suddenly we were wrapping up our old lives.

But today feels quite real. We have a lot to do: a website to build, an algorithm to perfect, hosts to meet, and customers to understand.

Let's get to work.


-- Evan, Dave, Nick

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